Admission requirement for non-scholarship of foreign students

Specific requirement

  1.  For under-graduate program:

Having a  equivalent  certificate of graduation for one of the current educational periods in Iran like High school and Pre University (12 years of formal education)

  1. For post-graduate program

-Having Bachelor's or Master's degree that is accredited by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran.

      3- Having the average score for being accepted according to table 1:

The minimum average score of each semester after entering the university

The average score of the Persian language learning period

Bachelor's Degree

12 out of 20 

Master's Degree

12 out of 20 


14 out of 20 



  Language requirement

-having in mind that  the instruction language of  kharazmi university is  Persian ,the students  graduating from foreign institutes,  who are not familiar with Persian language, should pass the courses at  Persian Language Learning Center after being accepted. Read more


Admission steps


-For under-graduate degree

  To apply for the under-graduate degree, the applicant should fill out  the online application form and   upload high –quality scans of the following documents:

-a copy of diploma and pre university documents ( in English)

- a copy of passport 's main pages

* Applicants must pay $30 for pre-registration process. 

*Account number  


-For post-graduate degree

To apply for the post-graduate degree,students must fill out the online application form and upload high –quality scans of the following documents:

-A copy of the most recent degree such as Bachelor and Master document along with complete transcription of all records ( in English)

-Two letters of recommendation

- A copy of passport's main pages

-*Applicants  must pay $50 for pre-registration process.

*Account number :