Research Centers of National Excellence provide paradigms of organized research activity by select members of the academic staff of select universities in the country capable of carrying out high-profile scientific activity in applied or fundamental sciences. They focus and organize their activities in highly specialized fields to innovate and achieve scientific excellence in at the national, regional and international level to meet the country's urgent research needs.

 Research Center of National Excellence for the Spatial Analysis of Environmental Disasters:

The center deals with both human and natural disaters which would collectively include natural phenomena such as floods, storms, torrential rains, in- and out-of season freezing periods, spread of unknown and strange diseases and hundreds of disasters resulting from undue human activity.

 Research Center of National Excellence for Stress Psychology

 The center was established in 2005 in accordance with the plan developed by the department of psychology at the university and approved by  the relevant Research Centers of National Excellence across the country. It has the following objectives:

 Theoretical objectives: Scientific participation to develop boundaries of knowledge in the field and educating the required committed and experts to meet society's needs in this regard

 Executive objectives: this includes, among other objectives, the publication of two government-authorized research journals from 2007