Research institutes

 Institute for Educational Research: the institute was established in 1969 and its academic members of staff at present include one associate professor, one assistant professor and one instructor. It publishes a number of ISSN educational and research publications including The Educational Research Quarterly and The Education Index, a yearbook and yearbooks and indices of psychology and education.

 Dr. Mosaheb Institute for Mathematical Research: the institute was established in 1965; it is active in the fields of fundamental research in pure and applied mathematics, computer science and statistics at a global level, is in touch with mathematical research institutes in other countries, organizes scientific seminars and research workshops, publishes research done by the institute's scholars and educates scholars and instructors of mathematics for the universities across the country.

  Institute for Foreign Language Research: the institute carries out research projects in the area of languages and applied linguistics, develops the facilities necessary for the promotion and publication of research done by postgraduate students of languages at master's and Phd levels and publishes the biannual Iranian Journal of Applied Linguistics.

  Bahar Institute for Persian Language and Literature Research: the institute was established in 2004 and is active in the fields of Persian literature, language, writing and language skills and computer research in literature. It plans to develop an ISI-style database for scientific articles on Persian language, literature and culture, establish an electronic database for Persian texts. The institute is also concerned with  the state of Persian language and literature teaching and evaluating research priorities in the field of Persian language and literature.