Dormitories are a part of university facilities in which students can, individually or in groups, spend parts of their free time and enjoy the provided wellbeing, cultural, sport and educational services in accordance with Student Accommodation Regulations.

  Student Accommodation Office is providing accommodation services for more than 8000 of eligible students in 4 on-campus dormitories and 3 off-campus dormitory.
Student dormitories have facilities such as study halls and sports centers as well as cultural and educational centers.

The most important goals to be achieved during students' life in dormitories is to rightly educate people who are spending a period of their lives at university and far from their homes with the hope of achieving the country's planned objectives in future. Having a proper plan, offering welfare facilities to students, providing a safe and peaceful environment as well as the basic facilities and educational services can be of utmost value to achieve such goals.

Khrazmi University provides special dormitory services for the welfare of its international students  with one main  recently constructed residence halls.