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 The main responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Organization are as follows

 Supervising the proper execution of all laws and regulations concerning employment as well as transactions and financial affairs at the university;

 Adopting decisions concerning the work plans of the units affiliated to the Vice-Chancellor:

 Coordinating the activities carried out in affiliated units and planning to provide the space required by the university in accordance with the development plans for higher education;

 Inviting tenders, entering into contract and supervising the proper execution of construction schemes;

 Inspecting financial statements and financial issues in construction schemes;

  Developing and proposing the university's construction, current and exclusive budgets for approval in the country's annual budget planning.



        Name: Dr. M.h. Hosseini

         Phone: (+98)(21)88329216

         Fax: (+98)(21)88848937

         Email: hosseini@khu.ac.ir