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This vice-chancellor is engaged in general and specialized activity in socio- cultural affairs and extracurricular activity for students and academic and non-academic staff. It identifies the students' potentials and capabilities, provides the necessary facilities and organizes activities to promote the students' artistic and cultural level. The vice-chancellor for Socio- Cultural Affairs includes secretariats for academic publications and organizations, a secretariat for the university's cultural council and a general office for extracurricular and Socio-Cultural activities which in turn constitutes offices for cultural-artistic centers, cultural affairs in dormitories, students' scientific societies, student expeditions and Umra, student publications, an audio-visual office and an office for cultural planning, supervision and evaluation. There are at present 33 scientific student societies, 13 cultural-artistic centers and over 40 publications in the socio- cultural section all run by the students themselves.

It also is responsible for student welfare and everyday requirements and counselling, health and hygiene and athletic needs .It has four office:

-Office for Student Affairs

-Office for Physical Education

-Health and Treatment Center

-Counselling Center


Name: Dr. A. Habibi

     Phone: (+98)(21)88830893

     Fax: (+98)(21)888302424

     Email: Habibi@khu.ac.ir