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Astrophysics -M.Sc.

The students learn the principles and formalism of astrophysics in general, and also its connections to application in gravitation and cosmology. In this program we focus on basic concepts and methods in general relativity, its main verified predictions as well as the main properties of the standard model of cosmology.

Masters in Astronomy blend theoretical lectures in theoretical and astrophysics, along with observatory practices, computer programming and simulations.


Cosmology and Astrophysics- Ph.D.

Cosmology and Astrophysics Ph.D. are mainly focused on astrophysics in large scales, high energies and cosmology with a special view to the applications of general relativity. Special attention is made on the dark matter and dark energy theories as well as gravitational waves. Connections with modern research are emphasized throughout the course in order to bring the student up to date with the scientific frontline.

The Astrophysics Ph.D. program is mainly focused on theoretical and experimental astrophysics with emphasize on radiation processes especially in and around compact objects.

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