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Social and Cultural Affairs

 | Post date: 2018/06/16 | 

Dr. Morteza Tahami

Phone: +98 (21)88830893-81584414                                   Fax: +98 (21)888302424                             Email: motahami20khu.ac.ir

Vice-Chancellor for Social and Cultural Affairs: The Vice-Chancellor for Social and Cultural Affairs was developed as an

independent Vice-Chancellor out of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs in 2010 in compliance with the objectives set forth in

the country's upper cultural and social documents for higher education. The Vice-Chancellor is engaged in general and specialized

activity in cultural affairs and extracurricular activity for students and academic and non-academic staff. It identifies the students'

potentials and capabilities, provides the necessary facilities and organizes activities to promote the students' artistic and cultural

level. The Vice-Chancellor for Social and Cultural Affairs includes secretariats for academic publications and organizations, a

secretariat for the university's cultural council and a general office for extracurricular and cultural activities which in turn

constitutes offices for cultural-artistic centers, cultural affairs in dormitories, students' scientific societies, student expeditions and

umra, student publications, an audio-visual office and an office for cultural planning, supervision and evaluation. There are at

present 33 scientific student societies, 13 cultural-artistic centers and over 40 publications in the social and cultural Vice-

Chancellor all run by the students themselves.

The Office for Cultural and Social Affairs: the main responsibility of the office is to pave the ground for the students' cultural and

artistic activities to develop and promote the Revolution's and Islamic values and strengthen collective collaborations and to

coordinate these activities with the objectives set forth at the cultural council and executes its decisions. The office has focused its

activities in the framework of cultural, artistic and social centers, scientific societies, student publications (with over 50

publications) and various cultural, scientific, tourist and pilgrimage tours and expeditions.

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