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Dr. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh

Personal Data

Address: Tel: Fax:

Kharazmi University, 43 South Mofatteh Ave. Tehran, I. R. Iran, Postal Code: 15719-14911 (+98)2188830891
  • BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering: 1986, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.
  • PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering: 1996, University of Wollongong, Australia.

Employment     Professor at Kharazmi University, Tehran, I. R. Iran: March 1996- till now

Research Interests

  1. Image Processing
  2. Machine vision
  3. Document Image Analysis
  4. Image Compression
  5. eLearning

Teaching Experiences

  1. Programming Language
  2. Logical Circuit and Design
  3. Computer System Architecture
  4. Signals and Systems
  5. Engineering Circuit Analysis
  6. Formal Languages and Automata
  7. Technical and Scientific Presentation
  8. Image processing http://eng.khu.ac.ir/-handouts-and-book-centered-education.
  9. Machine Vision http://eng.khu.ac.ir/-handouts-and-book-centered-education.
  10. Seminar  http://eng.khu.ac.ir/-seminar-and-end-a-display

·Editorial Board, Referee, Chairman (Journals, Conferences)

  • Journal of Science, Teacher Training University
  • Conference of Computer Society of Iran
  • Conference on Electrical Engineering ICEE, Iran
  • Conference on Intelligent System, Iran
  • Signal Processing: Image Communication
  • International Conference on Web Information System and Technologies (WEBIST)
  • International Conference on Information and Community Technologies: From Theory to Applications April 7-11, 2008, Umayyad Palace, Damascus, Syria
  • International Conference Machine Vision Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran 2008
  • The International Multi-Conference of Engineers and Computer Scientists
  • Iranian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)
  • Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences
  • The 9th International Conference on eLearning Kharazmi University Tehran I. R. Iran


·Referee for examine Ph.D. Dissertation and Proposal

  1. Baisa L. Gunjal, “ Image Watermarking “ university of Pune , Maharashtra, India 2016
  2. Azadeh Mansouri, ”compressed domain video watermarking with quality preserving” Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, I. R. Iran 2008
  3. Razieh Keshavarzian,” Image Reconstruction based on Compressed Sensing Samples”, Noshirevani Technical University, Babul, I. R. Iran 2016
  4. Mehdi Faghieh, “color constancy” Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran,
    1. R. Iran 2015
  5. Chao Fan, “Real–time Facial Expression Analysis,” Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand, 2008
  6. Mahsa Mohaghegh, “English-Persian Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation: Enhanced Models, Search and Training,” Massey University Albany (Auckland), New Zealand, 2013
  1. Farhad Dadgostar, “An Assessment of Real-time Vision-based hand and Face Tracking and Recognition,” Institute of Information and Mathematical  Sciences  of  the  College   of  Science   Massey  University
         September 2006              
PhD Dissertation

Research Supervision


MSc Thesis

  • Habibollah Aghatabay: ReliefF Based Feature Selection in Content-Based Image Retrieval
  • Sorour Barzegar: “Robust Image Water Marking based on specific Image Region”
  • Sepideh Barkat Rezaei: “Skew Detection of Scanned Images of Kharazmi's Old Documents Using Machine Learning”
  • Fatemeh Rezaradeh Bidgoli: “Fuzzy Image Enhancement”
  • Saeid Sarabi Nobakht; “ Size independent Persian Character Recognition”
  • Soheila Sheykh Bahaei: “ Textual Object Recognition”
  • Hosein Sadeghian Nejad: “ Wavelet Feature reduction based on Feature selection for Content Based Image retrieval”
  • Siavash Alipour: “Fast Automatic Medical Image Segmentation Using Spatial Kernel Fuzzy C- Means Clustering and Level Set Method”
  • Lotf allah Gholami: “Image Retrieval by Classified VQ”
  • Fatemeh Fazeli: ” Binerizing the Scanned Documents of Persian language”
  • Mehdi Faraji: “Extremal Region Detection Guided by Maxima of Gradient Magnitude”
  • Atena Farahmand
  • Fatemeh Ghanbari: ” Scene recognition using hybrid global and local image features”
  • Freshteh Mataei Moghaddam: “ Image Clustering Based on Visual Patterns Using BRISK Features and Fuzzy C-Means”
  • Mousa Nazari Panbeh Chouleh: “ Fuzzy C-means Improvement by Feature Weighting and its Application in Semi-Supervised Learning”
  • Maryam Yekkeh Zare: “ Image pre-Processing for Segmentation”
  • Eisa Jafari: “ First Person Action Recognition”
  • Ghazal ShamsiPour: “Human Action Recognition by Conceptual Features”
  • Mohsen Pahlevani: “Retinal Micro-aneurysm Detection Through Cross-Sections”
  • Mona  Shaker  Donyavi:  “Large-Scale  Content  Based  Image  Retrieval  using  Local  Binary Patterns and Iterative Quantization”
      ·   Mo hab b at Haj ati: ” Ind o or Scene Cla ssi ficatio n Usi n g Lo ca l Features”

Conference Papers

  1. S. Omid, J. Shanbehzadeh,  Z. Ghassabi, S. S. Ostadzadeh, “Optic disc detection in high-
resolution retinal fundus images by region growing”, Proceedings  - 2015 8th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Informatics, BMEI 2015.
  1. M. Shakerdonyavi, J. Shanbehzadeh, A. Sarrafzadeh, Large-Scale Image Retrieval Using Local Binary Patterns and Iterative Quantization”, International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications, DICTA 2015.
  2. M. Faraji, J. Shanbehzadeh, K. Nasrollahi, T. B. Moeslund, “EREL: Extremal regions of extremum levels”, Proceedings - International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP, 2015.
  3. Z. Ghassabi, J. Shanbehzadeh, A. Mohammadzadeh, “structure-based region detector for retinal image registration”, Proceedings - International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP, 2015.
  4. S. A. H. Minoofam, M. M. Dehshibi, A. Bastanfard, J. Shanbehzadeh, “Pattern formation using cellular automata and L-systems: A case study in producing Islamic patterns”, Cellular Automata in Image Processing and Geometry, 2014.
  5. Azin Poshtyar, Jamshid Shanbehzadeh, Hamid Ahmadieh, “Automatic measurement of cup to disc ratio for diagnosis of glaucoma on retinal fundus images”, Image Processing 6th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Informatic, BMEI 2013.
  6. M. M. Dehshibi, M. Alavi, J. Shanbehzadeh, Kernel-based Persian viseme clustering”, Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS), 13th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems, HIS 2013.
  7. M. M. Dehshibi, A. Vafanezhad, J. Shanbehzadeh M. Alavi, J Shanbehzadeh, “Kernel-based object tracking using particle filter with incremental Bhattacharyya similarity”, 13th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems, HIS 2013.
  8. A. Farahmand, A. Sarrafzadeh, J. Shanbehzadeh, Document image noises and removal methods”, Newswood Ltd 2013.
  9. F. Fazeli, H. Sarrafzadeh, J. Shanbehzadeh, “An overview of different binary methods for documents based on their features”, Newswood Ltd, 2013.
  10. H. Sarrafzadeh, F. Rezazadeh, J. Shanbehzadeh, Brightness preserving fuzzy dynamic histogram equalization”, Newswood Ltd, 2013.
  11. S. B. Rezaei, H. Sarrafzadeh, J. Shanbehzadeh,”Skew detection of scanned document images”, Newswood Ltd 2013.
  12. M. Nazari, J. Shanbehzadeh, H. Sarrafzadeh, Fuzzy c-means based on automated variable feature weighting”, Newswood Ltd 2013.
  13. M. M. Dehshibi, J. Shanbezadeh, M. Alavi, “Facial family similarity recognition using Local Gabor Binary Pattern Histogram Sequence”, 12th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS), 2012.
  14. M. Rastgarpour, J. Shanbehzadeh, “Automatic medical image segmentation by  integrating KFCM clustering and level set based FTC model”, IAENG Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Volume 1: Special Issue of the International Multi-conference of Engineers and Computer Scientists, 2012.
  15. A. Poshtyar, Z. Ghassabi, S. Aghamiri, J. Shanbehzadeh, “Detection, extraction and quantitative measurement of atrophic regions on retinal surface in color fundus images”, 5th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing (CISP), 2012.
  16. S. Mehrjoo, J. Shanbehzadeh, A. Sarrafzadeh, “Swarm Intelligence Based Clustering In Wireless Sensor Networks”, IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies Volume 7- Special Edition of the International Multi conference of Engineers and Computer Scientists, 2012.
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  18. M. Rastgarpour,  S.  Alipour,  J.  Shanbehzadeh,  Improved  fast two  cycle by using  KFCM
                                                             clustering for image segmentation”, Lecure No tes i n En gi ne er ing a nd Co mp uter Scie nce, 2 0 1 2 .
  1. F.  Toutounchian,  J.  Shanbehzadeh,  M.  Khanlari,  “Detection  of  Keratoconus  and  Suspect
Keratoconus  by  Machine  Vision”,  Proceedings  of  the  International  Multi  Conference  of Engineers and Computer Scientists, 2012.
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  2. A. Heshmati, R. Amjadifard, J. Shanbehzadeh, ReliefF-based feature selection for automatic tumor classification of mammogram images”, 7th Iranian Conference on Machine Vision and Image Processing, 2011.
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