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Qodratullah Qorbani
Qodratullah Qorbani has Ph.D. Degree in Philosophy of Allamah Tabatabaei University, Tehran, Iran, and is Associate Professor of philosophy at Kharazmi University, in Tehran, Iran. He does researcher in philosophical fields, like Islamic and Western philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and Science and religion Issues. He has researched and written about theological and philosophical subjects since 1995.  He has written 8 books, the first is An Introduction on Religious and Political Thought of Martyr Ayatollah Mutahhari, published in 2004, the second is a Comparative Study on Descartes Theology, published in 2005, the third is Empiricism from Ibn Sina and West Contemporary Philosophers, the fourth is Christian Science Theories, Research, 2012, the fifth is Islamic science Theories, Islamic Sciences University under, the sixth is Shiei Rationality and Ashoura Movement, 2107, the seventh is Knowledge Based on Social Factors, and the eight is Shiei Islamic Beliefs, 2013 . His Ph.D. thesis is Critical Study of Religious Science Theories. He has almost written 80 articles about some Islamic and western  philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Heidegger, Kant, McIntyre, Ibn Sina, Mulla Sadra, Mutahhari, Khomeini, Suhrawardi and science & religion issues that are published in some Academic refereed and ISC journals in Iran, India, Turkey and Romania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, England and Pakistan. He has participated and presented papers in 25 international and national conferences in Iran, India, Turkey, Romania, Germany, Georgia, Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Spain about above philosophers and other theoretical subjects. He toke his sabbaticals at Zurich university, 2017, and has did research on Gradual Rationality of Religious Beliefs System. In order to download the papers, please go to as follow link: