Brief CV
Resume file :

Personal Specifications:

Name: Ata

Surname: Shakeri

Date of Birth: 1975/1/2


B.Sc.: Damghan University (1997)

M.Sc.: Shiraz University (2000)

Ph.D: Shiraz University (2010)

Thesis: Environmental impacts of industrial plants on Gharebagh plain (Water, Soil and sediments), Shiraz


Scientific Poisition:

Assistant Professor of Environmental Geochemistry

Professional Address:

Department of Applied Geology

Faculty of Geosciences

Kharazmi University

49 Mofatteh Ave

Tehran- Iran


Phone: 0098- 2634511000

Languages: Persian- English

Research Interest:

Environmental Geochemistry, Medical Geology, Pollution


Administrative Position:

Head of the Entrepreneurship Center and Relation with Industry

Selected Research Activities & Publications:

Shakeri et al(2008), Geochemistry of the thermal springs of Mount Taftan, southeastern Iran, Journal of  Volcanology and Geothermal Research 178 (2008) 829-836(Elsevier).

Shakeri et al (2009), Heavy metal contamination and distribution in the Shiraz Industrial Complex Zone soil, South Shiraz, Iran. World Applied Sciences Journal

Shakeri et al (2010), The impact of an industrial complex on freshly deposited sediments, Chener Rahdar river case study, Shiraz, Iran, Environ Monit Assess (2010) DOI 10.1007/s10661-009-1173-5(Springer)

Shakeri et al (2009), Heavy Metal Contamination in the Shiraz Industrial Complex Zone Groundwater, South Shiraz, Iran, World Applied Sciences Journal 7 (4): 522-530, 2009 ISSN 1818-4952

Shakeri et al (2014) Assessment of trace elements concentration in soils of the Hashtgerd Area using geochemical and multivariate statistical methods, Alborz Province, Iran, journal of engineering and environmental geology, 2014, Kharazmi University

Shakeri et al (2014), Assessment of Trace Elements Contamination in Surface Sediments of the Bakhtegan Lake, Iran, Iranian journal of science and technology

Shakeri et al (2015), Surface and groundwater quality in Taftan geothermal field, SE Iran, water quality exposure and health, DOI 10.1007/s12403-014-0141-7 (Springer)

Shakeri et al (2015), Health risk assessment of potentially toxic elements and POPs in water and associated with fish consumption at Shahid Rajaei Dam, North Iran, International journal of environmental science and technology, Springer.

Shakeri et al (2015), Rare-earth elements geochemistry in springs from Taftan    Geothermal Area, SE Iran, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research

Shakeri et al (2016) Contamination, toxicity and risk assessment of heavy metals and metalloids in sediments of Shahid Rajaie Dam, Sefidrood and Shirinrood Rivers, Iran. Environ Earth Sci (2016) 75:679 DOI 10.1007/s12665-016-5461-4(Springer)

Shakeri et al (2016) Health risk assessment and source apportionment of PAHs in industrial and bitumen contaminated soils of Kermanshah Province; NW Iran, journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences(Springer).

Research Projects:


1-     Health risk assessment of potentially toxic elements in the Taftan thermal springs and Khash aquifer, 2013

2-     Health risk assessment and source determination of pollutants in the Shahid Rajaee Dam (water and sediment), North of Iran, 2014

3-     Surveying the quantity and quality of Zahedan municipal wastewater treatment plant effluents and determination its reuse,2014


4-     Study the quality and quantity of Brine waters in Tahlab Aquifer, east of Taftan Area,2015

5-     Surveying the quantity and quality of Eghlid municipal wastewater treatment plant effluents and determination its reuse,2015

6-     Assessment of saline water intrusion into Zarabad Aquifer by using hydrochemical and isotopic studies, 2016

7-     Thermal Potential of the Taftan reservoir rock to produce renewable electricity in southeast of Iran, 2017




Ph.D and M.Sc. levels:


-       Environmental Geochemistry

-       Medical Geology

-       Mineral Resources and Environment

-       Environment and Sustainable Development


B.Sc. level:


-       Environmental Geology