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Personal Information

First Name: Latif

Last Name: Samadi

Position: Instructor

Department: Earth Science Faculty


Contact: 02634579600


PhD. Physics and Mathematics (Exploration Geophysics) Moscow State University, 2000

M.A. Geophysics, Moscow State University, 1996

M.A. Applied Mathematics, Moscow State University, 1999

B.A. Mining Engineer, Amir Kabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), 19

Employment experiences

Kharazmi University, since 2000



Course Taught:

Seismology (Ms. Geophysics)

Engineering Seismology (Ms. Geophysics)

Theory of Elastic Wave Propagation (Ms. Geophysics)

Reflection Seismic Operations (Ms. Geophysics)

Geoelectric (Ms. Geophysics)

Principals of Exploration Geophysics (Ms. Economic Geology)

Applied Geophysics (Ms. Sediment, Tectonic, Hydrogeology and Eng. Geology)

Well logging (Ms. Geophysics)

Subsurface Geology (Ms., Bs. Geology)

Cartography (Ms. Plant Science)

Geophysics (Bs. Geology)

Calculus I, II (Bs. Geology)

Surveying Operations (Bs. Geology)

Conferences Scientific events

Samadi, L., 2003. Determination of shear wave velocities using SASW tests along with refraction P and SH waves. 11th Iranian geophysical conference, December 1-3.

Samadi, L., Mehrabi, B., 2004. Application of secondary refracted arrivals and direct modeling in low steep sedimentary Mn-deposits exploration, First Iranian mining symposium, Tehran, Iran.

Samadi, L., 2004. Effectiveness of multi-channel SASW method in determining soil seismic parameters. Proceeding, International symposium on shallow geology and geophysics, Hanoi, Vietnam, April 12-14.

Samadi, L., 2007. Study of sedimentary structure of Rasht after 1990 earthquake with seismic methods. 13th Iranian geophysical conference, Tehran.

Karimi, Y., Samadi, L., 2010. Designing and manufacturing of AC and DC geoelectrical device by Zamin Solar Company. First Iranian national conference on applied research in water resource, Tehran.

Farajzadeh, R., Fayazi, F., Nakhaei, M., Samadi, L., Rezaei, K., 2010. Differentiation of subsurface sediments and intrusion boundaries of the Caspian Sea water in coastal region using resistivity tomography. 14th Annual Meeting, Geological Society of Iran, Uremia, December 14-16.

Nakhaei, M., Samadi, L., Karimi, Y., 2011. Evaluation of 3-D distribution of plum contamination in unsaturated zone by geoelectrical methods., 15th Annual Meeting, Geological Society of Iran, Tehran, Iran, 14-16 Dececember.

Samadi, L., Karimi Y., 2011. Monitoring of lateral stress on bridge foundations with integrated geophysical methods. 15th Annual Meeting, Geological Society of Iran, 14-16 December.

Karimi, Y., Samadi, L., Investigation of integrated geophysical methods in determining hydraulic parameters of the aqufer. basin 

Karimi, Y., Samadi, L., Rezaeian, S., 2011, Design and construction of digital sustained noise geoelectrical device with radio system, 2-ed earth science symposium, Ashtian University. 

Samadi, L., 2013, Application of geophysical methods to detect lateral stress in bridge foundations, SEG Annual Meeting, Houston US.

Samadi, L., 2016, Dual role of innovation and technology in developed and no developed countries,

International conference of Research in innovation and technology proceedings


Chehri, A., Kendall, C., Ghadimvand, K. N., Samadi L., Testing the controls on the seismic sequence stratigraphy of the Eocene–Oligocene boundary in Southern Iran with a Wheeler diagram derived from outcrops, seismic and well logs data, Journal of African Earth Sciences 100 (2014) 324–334


Samadi, L., Nakhaei M., 2012. Using electrical resistivity methods in appraisal of groundwater conditions: A case study from southwest Iran, Quarterly geological journal, Institute of Applied Science 21, pp. 41-50 (in Persian with English abstract).

Samadi, L., Mehrabi, B., 2009. Shallow subsurface geology and Vs characteristics of sedimentary units throughout Rasht City, Iran. Annals of geophysics 52, No. 2, pp. 149-166.

Samadi, L., 2002. The effect of metamorphic grade and porosity on propagation of P-wave velocity in regional metamorphic rocks, Sanandaj-Sirjan zone. Journal of Earth and Space 28, No.2, Tehran, Iran (in Persian).

Samadi, L., Kalinin, A.V., 2000. Mathematical modeling of low velocity layers using Rayleigh Surface Waves, Moscow University Geology Bulletin 4.

Samadi, L., Kalinin, A.V., Vladov, M.L., 1999. Experience of using dispersion of Rayleigh Surface Waves in determining shear waves velocity in continuous media, Moscow University Geology Bulletin 1.


Basic Applied Geophysics, Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research publisher  (ACECR), 2012, Tehran

Principals of Exploration Seismology, ACECR publisher, Tehran, 2017.

Drilling and well logging, Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research, 2012, Tehran

Field Geoelectric and Electromagnetic, ACECR publisher, Tehran, 2017.

Potential Field methods, ACECR, Tehran, 2016

Scholarship and Grants

Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology Scholarship to do post graduate studies, 1991


Distinguished teacher at Kharazmi University