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Bijan Abdollahi (Ph.D)

Associate professor Department of Educational Administration Faculty of management Kharazmi University, No.43, Mofateh Ave, P.O.Box 1571914911, Tehran.Iran. Office: +9821 88 32 13 11 Mobile: +989121990638





PhD in: educational management "Tarbiat Moallem University"  Tehran-I.R.IRAN

Title of Doctorate Thesis:

 Designing a Model for Psychological Empowerment of the Experts in the Ministry of  Sciences, Research and  Technology


MA in educational management "Tehran University"  Tehran-I.R.IRAN

Title of Post-Graduate Thesis:

 Investigation for Teacher Attitude about management styles of school Administration


B.Sc.: Educational Sciences (Educational Management & planning) Allmeh Tabatabaee University



Research Interests


Educational Supervison

Employees Empowerment

Employees Training and Development

Human Resource Management

Evaluating the school Quality

Action research

Performance evaluation

Evaluating Teaching

Educational evaluation

Strategic Planning

Teaching Learning Strategies

Educational management and administration

Educational Leadership

Theories on Organizations and Management




Master and Doctorate Thesis supervisor:





 Title of Thesis




 S. Heydari


a survey about the related Factors in the Empowerment of Faculties at Tarbiat Moallem University



































Selected Publications


·        Books


1.Employees Empowerment: Golden Key Human Resource Management, Tehran: Virayesh . edition 2 . 2007

2.Learning to Lead in Higher Education.damgan: damgan university and  institute of research and Planning in Higher Education.2001 . (translated)

3.Issues Education Research(problems and possibilities). Tehran: research institute for education. 2007. (translated)

4.Domains Educational Management. Tehran: Tehran Education. 1997



·        Articles


1.Psychological Empowerment: Dimensions and Validation on the Structural Equation Model.Journal of Research and Planning in Higher ducation.vol.11,no.1&2.2005. pp37-63

2.Designing a System of Indicators to Evaluate the school Quality at the Elementary and  Guidance schools. Quarterly journal of education. vol.23,no.2.2007.pp127-152

·   Role Self-efficacy in Employees Empowerment. Tdbir.No 168.pp35-40

·         Abdollahi, Bijan and Marzieh Karimi and Soraya, ghoorehjili (2013)The study of indigenous dimensions of the principals' instructional leadership role in elementary schools based on grounded theory. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 89 : 817 – 820. Available online at

  • Abdollahi, Bijan, AzarBahrami, Gholamreza Aslani,  Nasim Torabi(2013)A study on the relation between quality of work life and four career anchors among the personnel of Esfahan’s iron foundry organization. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 83 ,208 – 213. Available online at
  • Abdollahi, Bijan, AzarBahrami, Gholamreza Aslani,  Nasim Torabi(2013)A Validation of a Self-directed Learning Readiness Scale among Preliminary Schoolteachers in Esfahan. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. 83 ,995 – 999.Available online at

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·         Abdollahi, Bijan, Esmaeilzadeh, Mahsan and Nakhaei, Mohammad (2014) A Fazzy Imperialistic competitive algorithm for optimizing convex functions. International of intelligent computing and cyberntics, Available online at   http//: ijicepcca

·         Abdollahi ,Bijan; Davood Anaraki-Ardakani; Ali Taghavi(2014). Factors affecting organizational indifference of employees (A case study of two governmental and non-governmental organizations). Applied mathematics in Engineering, Management and Technology. The special issue in Management and Technology (Feb. 2014):1352-1361

·         Abdollahi, Bijan, arbabi, mania & Aminzade, Mohamad (2014)Studing job-worker fit in terms of vocational personality and its impact on job satisfaction of tax officers.International Journal of reacher in organizational behavior and human resource management. Vol 2, No 2,pp:180-192. Available online at http//: www.

·          Abdollahi, Bijan,Aliasghar, Hayat, Zainabadi, Hasanraza and Arasteh, Hamidreza(2015). A study of the professional development needs of Shiraz high schools’ principals in the area of educational leadership. Journal of Advances in Medical Education & Professionalism. Vol 3 No 3, pp: 99-104


  • Heydari Fard, Reza, Zeynabadi, Hasan Reza, Mohammad Reza Behrangi2, Bizhan Abdollahi(2016) The school's organizational innovative culture and climate; a qualitative research. Journal of productivity and development 2(3):1-11
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·         Youselianiو Gholam Ali, Mohammad Reza Behrangi2, Arasteh,  Hamid Reza ,Bizhan Abdollahi(2016). Developing a model for evaluating the performance of research system in an educational context: The study of ministry of education's research institute. Journal of productivity and development .2(1): 84-100

·         Abdollahi, Bijan (2015).Critical and Review of Supervision Theory as Teacher’s professional development. Critical Journal .15(37): 144-163


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·        Conferences and seminars


Ali Akbar Ghasemi, Khodanazar Farokhnejad and Bijan Abdollahi(2012)A Survey of the Effects of Principal and Teacher Leadership on Students’Participation of High Schools. The Asian Conference on Education Osaka Japan 2012. pp. 971-983.


Abdollahi, Bijan& Ahmad Razzaghi(2016) Examining the relationship between organizational health and schools effectiveness. International conference on management & social science.      Dubai- UAE


1.Self-directed learning in Nomads Multi grade classrooms. Paper presented to the First International Conference on  Education of Nomads.Sharkord. May

2.Organizational justice. Paper presented to the First Congress Organizational and Industrial Psychology. Esfahan University. May2008

3.Role Education at Culture and Art: Iranian Cultural and Ethnic Diversity.  Paper presented to the First Conference on Iranian Nomads Culture and Art  . tehran . The Iranian Academy the Arts. August2008

4.Employees Psychological Empowerment: Dimensions and Approaches. Paper presented to the Third International Conference Management. 2005

5.Role Empowered Human Resource in development: Employees Psychological Empowerment. Paper presented to the Congress Sustainable Development and Higher Educatin. institute of research and Planning in Higher Education. 2003


·        Research Activities


1.     Designing a System of Indicators to Evaluate educational  Quality at the Elementary and  Guidance schools. Tehran Education.2003-2004

2.Designing Development Sanad(Strategic planning) for Tehran Education.2006-2007

3.Designing a System  of Instructors of  Performance Evaluation at karaj training instructor center. 2007-2008





Theories in Educational Administration

Human Resource Management

Employees Empowerment

Educational management and administration

Strategic Planning