Brief CV
Educational background

PhD, English Literature, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
MA, English Literature, Allameh Tabtabaie, Tehran, Iran
BA, English Translation, Allameh Tabtabaie, Tehran, Iran

Research interests

Philosophy of literature; aesthetics
American / British / Irish poetry
Late nineteenth century British literature; Oscar Wilde; W. B. Yeats

Courses Taught

PhD, English Literature
Philosophy and Literature
Major Currents in American Literature
Canonical British / American Authors

MA, English Literature
Philosophy of Literature
Literary Criticism
Romantic Poetry
Contemporary British / American Poetry
Eighteenth Century British Literature

MA, Translation Studies
Theories of Translation
Morphology and Word-formation

Articles published in refereed journals

Ahmadgoli, K. ‘Multimodal Representation of Social Discourses in Asghar Farhadi’s A Seprartion: A Social Semiotic Study’, Social Semiotics, UK (co-authored with Morteza Yazdanjoo). 2019.
Ahmadgoli, K. ‘Dwelling in the “Darkness Echoing”: The Poetic Vision of Seamus Heaney and Martin Heidegger’, Brno Studies in English, Masaryk University, Brno, The Czech Republic (co-authored with Nima Taheri). 2018.
Ahmadgoli, K. ‘Azarbaijani Style and Metaphysical Poetry: Chess in the Poetry of Khaqani-Shervani and John Donne’, Critical Language and Literary Studies, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran (co-authored with Sajad-Soleimani Yazdi), 2017.
Ahmadgoli, K. ‘A Comparative Study of the Re-translations of John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath into Persian’ (in Persian), Translation Studies Quarterly. Tehran (co-authored with Majid Hesampour).2016.

Ahmadgoli, K. 'William Wordsworth and Nima Yushij: Connections between the Thought, Poetry and Life of Two Romantic Poets' (in Persian). Half-Yearly Persian Language and Literature, Kharazmi University, Tehran (co-authored with Edris Ranji), 2015.

Ahmadgoli, K. 'The Melancholic Unnamble: Kristeva and the Question of Subjectvity in Samuel Beckett’s Unnamable' .TELL, Journal of the Teaching English Language and Literature Society of Iran, Tehran. (co-authored with Nima Taheri), 2014.
Ahmadgoli, K. Are the Utopians ‘Happy’?: Aristotle's Ethics and Politics and the concept of Eudaimonia in Thomas More’s UtopiaTELL, Journal of the Teaching English Language and Literature Society of Iran, Tehran. (Co-authored with Amir Gholamifard), 2013.
Ahmadgoli, K. 'Translation, Film Adaptation and Loyalty to Text: Alice in Wonderland in Motion' (in Persian). Tranlsation Studies, Scientific Reserach Quarterly, Allameh Tehran. (Co-authored with F. Farahani), 2012.
Ahmadgoli, K. 'T. S. Eliot's Poetry in Persian: A Case of Translating Allusions' (in Persian). Pazushese Adabiyate Mo'asere Jahan, University of Tehran. (Co-authored with S. Menbari), 2012.
Ahmadgoli, K. 'Frame Semantics and the Effect of Cultural Scripts in Translation: J.D. Salinger Franny and Zoe' (in Persian). Critical Language and Literary Studies, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran. (Co-authored with B. Seyed-Jalali), 2012.
Ahmadgoli, K. and Ian Small. 'The Creative Editor: Robert Ross and the Collected Edition.' English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920, University of South Carolina, USA. 2008.
Ahmadgoli, K. "Textual criticism, Oscar Wilde and public perception of his works in the twentieth century." Journal of Foreign Language Research, University of Tehran, Tehran. 2006.

Books authored and translated

K. Ahmadgoli. William Bulter Yeats: His Life and Poetry, Khamoosh Publishers, Teharn (authored with Dr. Bahador Bagheri, Kharazmi University, Tehran). forthcoming 2020.
K. Ahmadgoli. Introduction to Contemporary American Poetry, Khamoosh Publishers, Tehran (translated with Dr. Bahador Bagheri, Kharazmi University, Tehran). 2019.
K. Ahmadgoli. Introduction to English Literature, SAMT (publisher of university textbooks in the humanities, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology), Tehran. (2010) (authored with Dr. Hossein Pirnajmuddin, University of Isfahan, Isfahan)