Brief CV
1-Full name: Shahrbanoo Oryan (Mrs.)
2-Date and place of birth: March, 1947, Tehran-Iran
3-Nationality: Iranian
4-Marital status: Married, but he deceased in 1991
5-Children: One daughter born in 1981
6-Academic degree: Ph.D in animal physiology (Endocrinology), Univ. of Sheffield-England in 1974.Desertation entitled: Studies on renal electrolyte metabolism with special reference to the eel (Anguilla anguilla.L).
7-Academic careers: Assistant prof. and head of Biology Dept. Univ. of Abureyhan (1975-1985)
Associate prof. Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Teacher’s Education, from 1985-1989
Full prof. and senior lecturer in Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Teacher’s Education, and in Islamic Azad Univ., research unit, from 1995, onward.
Head of Biology Dept., Univ. of Tarbiat Moalem, 2007 onward.
8-Scholarships: Ministry of Science and higher education's scholarship to study for Ph.D degree in Sheffield University, England from 1970-1975.
9-Teaching experiences: Theories and lab works:
9-1.Undergraduate courses: Animal physiology I, II, III
9-2.Graduate courses: Membrane Physiology, Advance Endocrinology, Advance Neuroendocrinology of reproduction, Cellular receptors, Advance marine physiology and Mechanism of PH and electrolyte regulation in marine and terrestrial animals
10-Field of interest:
10-1.Invitro electrolyte metabolism of tissue slices
10-2.Hormonal control and regulation of reproduction
10-3.Neurotransmitter effects on brain, stress hormones, Chemical and physiological stress induced by pollutants
Educational records
Graduation Date
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