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Office for Admission of International Students:

Appreciating the multitude of reasons (educational, social, ethical, economic, financial, cultural, etc.) encouraging a diversified, international demography of students, researchers, and staff, Kharazmi University joined the national initiative for internationalization of higher education. As one of the foremost and reputable universities in Iran, Kharazmi University founded its Office for Admission of International Students established to introduce its academic capabilities and potentials to international students and researchers in order to encourage them to continue their studies at this university. In addition to enrolling foreign students, KHU tries to strengthen and develop the international scientific and cultural interactions via presenting its scientific and technological capacities to the talented and interested international students.


Admitting qualified and eligible international students by the expert staff of the Office for Admission of International Students after examining the initial scientific certificates and preliminary evaluation of their general qualifications and supporting documents to accelerate the administrative processes.
Arranging financial support for talented, diligent and qualified foreign students in the form of reduction of academic expenses after the approval of the KHU 's scholarship council to admit more international students majoring in different fields of humanities, basic and engineering sciences of KHU.
Maximum administrating of foreign elite students by granting the initial travel allowance and other facilities within the rules of KHU.
Encouraging low-income international students to continue their education at KHU through introducing the approved scholarships (scholarships to reduce the educational expenses).
Coordinating to celebrate the International Day for International students every year.
Providing an international atmosphere for foreign students through granting and provision of appropriate educational facilities, with the approval of the KHU 's scholarship council and the relevant authorities.
Familiarizing more international students from different countries with KHU resources and attractions through virtual and internet promotions.
Admission of non-Iranian students through international educational programs of the university with the cooperation of the Deputy for Education and Higher Studies in the courses offered by the university departments.
Identifying the unavailable courses at the university that have the capacity to attract non-Iranian students and follow up on their establishment.
Introducing the university to the regional and other countries by promoting the capacities and fields available at KHU.


Obtaining initial approval for foreign students accepted at Kharazmi University from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
Providing student services to the non-Iranian students and affording the necessary facilities and coordination for students’ affairs such as consular, accommodation, etc.
Introducing the international students studying to the faculties.
Consult with faculty Dean and department heads to accelerate and facilitate the admission process of foreign students, and correspond online with them before the final registration for interviews in order to reduce the expenses of foreign applicants.
Provide information regarding recruitment of foreign students, available courses and departments at KHU via catalogs and brochures.
Announcing the account number of foreign students using scholarship to the Department of Student Affairs of the Ministry of Science.
Welcoming, orienting and guiding the new foreign students and on-demand language counseling to international students about the conditions and costs of studying at KHU.
Issuing the initial conditional admission approval with full details for the international students after the admission process of the educational departments.
Notifying the rejection decision to international students who are not qualified for continuing education at KHU.
Issuing an introduction letter to a bank for international students to pay for their educational and accommodation expenses.
Introducing international students to the cultural and student affairs and dormitories after their registration and residence status is finalized.
To make necessary correspondence with competent authorities for obtaining a residence permit, extending or revoking the residence of international students of KHU.
To provide information on the number of foreign students and their fields of study at the university website and in brochures and leaflets to encourage more enrollments.
Collection, compilation and announcement of proposed regulations to the director of the Bureau of Scientific and International Cooperation of the University for discussing at the relevant meetings.
Introducing the university to international students after their final registration in an orientation/induction event to familiarize them with KHU, its faculties and its scientific and educational facilities.
Obtaining foreign students' educational degrees/diplomas and their initial assessment for submission to Deans of the faculties to comment on them.
Airport welcome and transferring international students to their dormitory.
Issue of the initial conditional admission certificate for foreign students and providing them with educational leaflets.
Initial examination and preparation of the relevant documents for foreign students’ applications to obtain various scholarships at KHU (to reduce educational expenses with special conditions) by Office for Admission of International Students to be considered at the scholarship council.
Completion of the forms of the accepted foreign students (in the case of a foreign student's pre-registration).
Updating the information of different fields of study on KHU website in English and Arabic.
Assisting in the initial and final registration of international students, and receiving and filing their original documents.
Following up on the process for the issuance of foreign students' study visas and residence permits (issuing the introduction letters to the relevant organizations).
Coordinating to host international students and university staff.
Issuance of introduction letters for paying the educational costs in exchange in each academic term.
Reporting the number of foreign students of the university at the end of each academic year.

Nationality Diversity of Foreign Students

In the short period of international activities of the Scientific and International Cooperation Division of the KHU as well as the establishment of the International Student Recruitment Office of KHU, the number of foreign applicants of this university has increased to a satisfactory level and currently 160 foreign applicants are being studied or accepted. Foreign students from more than seven countries - Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia and India - are studying at different levels and courses at the KHU. The International Student Recruitment Office seeks to increase national diversity to more than 20 countries. Most foreign applicants are from Iraq and Afghanistan. Recent activities of the Foreign Student Recruitment Office has been resulted in introducing applicants from African countries to faculties and departments in order to increase the diversity of international students if they are accepted and attended.

The Admission Process of Non-scholarship Foreign Students at KHU:

- Applicants must refer to the following address:
Apply to KHU
 They should complete the registration form (the application form is provided in English and Farsi / Persian on the website for international applicants), and send it along with other required documentations for admission to the KHU (determining the degree, field of study, and the intended time to start studying is necessary) to the university's email address - ). Students can contact the relevant expert (Mrs. Haghighi: 0098 - 021 – 8834 7822) to follow their affairs.
After considering the documents of foreign applicants and surveying their ID documents in the International Student Recruitment Office, the applicant's application is submitted to the manager of the Scientific and International Cooperation Division for assessment, and then, if approved, it will be sent to the faculty and the relevant department for review. The relevant department, after reviewing it in a meeting and an online interview with the applicant, will inform the result to the International Student Recruitment Office. If the applicant is eligible, they will acknowledge the applicant via email.
-The applicant shall complete the student visa form from the site of:
Visa Form
and send it to the email ( ) along with the latest copy of his / her passport. Applicants must submit all the required documents to the International Student Recruitment Office only by email.
- If the foreign student, after receiving his / her conditional admission certificate, needs to pay by instalments or reduce the academic expenses as special scholarships at KHU, he / she must submit his application in English or Farsi with the necessary documents to the university's email address:  ( ), so that the International Student Recruitment Office will assess and send them to the university’s scholsrships Council, for their comment.

Documents Required for the Recruitment of Foreign Students

- The applicant's CV in Farsi / Persian or English (mentioning the email address and telephone number of the applicant is necessary.)

- The application form should be typed and required field of study and degree level as well as the term of study should be mentioned. (documents to be attached and sent to .
- Refer to the admission menu for foreign students on the KHU website to:
Apply to KHU
And filling out the application form of foreign student administration at Kharazmi University (in Persian / Farsi or English) and sending it along with other needed documents to:
- A photo that is clearly scanned,
- For admission to Ph.D., Master's and Bachelor's degrees: Scanning the following documents with the marks lists is required as follows:
1- Master's and Bachelor degrees. (For Ph.D. Applicants)
2- Bachelor's degree. (For Applicants of the Master's Degree)
3- Diploma. (For applicants of undergraduate courses)
4- Evidence of adequate Persian language proficiency, if available (for students studying in Persian language).
5- Evidence of adequate English language proficiency, if available. (For students studying in English).
Phone and Email of the International Student Recruitment Office of Kharazmi University  (for corresponding with):
Dr. Hosseini (Head of the International Student Recruitment Office)
Mrs. Haghighi (expert of the International Student Recruitment Office)
Telephone: +98 – 21 – 8834 7822
Email add. to send documents of foreign student to the International Student Recruitment Office of KHU:

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