Student Affairs

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Dr. Ahmad Zanganeh

Phone: +98 (21)88830893                                   Fax: +98 (21)888302424                             Email:

The Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs is responsible for student welfare and everyday requirements (e.g. catering for the students’ 
counselling, health and hygiene, and athletic needs).

• The office deals with student welfare. 
It runs student accommodation services for both single and married students and provides three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for students in the dormitories and in the several restaurants, canteens, and snack shops across the university. 
•The Office for Student Affairs is also responsible for giving out various student loans.
•Office for Physical Education: the Office for Physical Education organizes general and specialized athletic and coaching courses, recruits coaches and coordinates extracurricular classes for the university's student teams. It runs preparation classes for both outside- and inside-university games for various occasions, sets up sports festivals and organizes educational workshops and referee courses. It also runs and manages the indoor and outdoor sports facilities of the university.

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