The introduction to the central Lab

 | Post date: 2016/06/25 | 


To develop and sustain an adequate research capacity is a major challenge for developing countries. Significant progress has been made over the past 25 years to increase the body of research and development (R&D) skills in DECs in terms of research training and institutional development. Regarding research capacities such as lab facilities, human resources, physical spaces and research findings in different departments and institutes of Kharazmi University, convergence among various units leads to optimized use of these capacities. So, to unify the research facilities, central lab of Kharazmi University has been opened. From now, it would be tried to cost the lab devices budget as central lab facilities. So, the various devices will give services based on its provisions and statues.


 To organize and localizing lab facilities in order to optimal use of them

 Depletion of lab service expenses and quality improvement of researches and graduated student thesis

 To make connection among internal and external labs for reciprocal collaborations

 To be helpful in promotion of central lab to an advanced research center

 To be linked to Iranian science lab network such as chain labs of NANO and SHAA

 Preparation of various labs for the standardization procedure. Offering the professional research and consultant services related to industry with the help of academic staffs, entrepreneurship and industrial relations

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