1st International Knowledge Management Conference

 | Post date: 2018/07/18 | 
According to the Public Relations Department at Kharazmi University, on Monday, July 2th, the first international knowledge management conference held at Aboreihan hall with the honorable presence of Prof. Naveh Ibrahim, KHU Chancellor – Dr. Oliya, Iran National productivity organization - Dr. Brander, Director of Austria Knowledge Management Organization for three days.
One of the main purposes of this program was holding a series of conferences and workshops and short courses for organizations in order to implement knowledge management and optimize their activities.
At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Seyyed Ahmad Tabataba'i, author of the ‘Knowledge Management in the organization’ book with emphasize on the knowledge transfer expressed that Knowledge management includes identifying the acquisition of organization, storage and transfer of knowledge to improve the administration and performance of staff at different levels at the right time.
In the following of the conference the chairman of the National Iranian Productivity Organization, Dr. Olaya, declares that are keen to develop knowledge management in the country and to use the good capacities of the universities in country to exchange knowledge.
The next speakers at the conference were Mrs. Brocketcoby and Dr. Brander, Head of the Austrian Knowledge Management Association, and Mr. Tomas Durak were also had his speech at the conference via Skype.
The conference continued until July 4th at Kharazmi University by holding knowledge management workshops in the water sector and was awarded to the participants the international certificate from Austria Knowledge Management Organization.


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third international day celebrations

 | Post date: 2018/06/20 | 
On the occasion of the third international day celebrations, the ceremony was held with the presence of Dr. Nave Ibrahim; the Kharazmi university chancellor, Dr. Karimi ; Deputy minister of international affairs at ministry of education and head of schools abroad, The International Consultant,  Iraq cultural advisor, Afghanistan cultural advisor, Senior advisor of the Afghanistan embassy, Dr. Zahed; The cell city Head, international student association’s heads from other universities and international students, Co-ordinated with the head of Bureau of International Scientific Cooperation, Dr. Balash on May 30, 2018, in the Kharazmi university.
The ceremony was delivered by Dr.Hosseini speech; head of the international student affairs and also the representatives of students from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, India, Italy and Tunisia talk about their country's universities and the ceremony was followed cultural exhibition of each country, introduced their nationality and culture. The ceremony was completely held in English. At the end of the ceremony, a certification of appreciation and the prizes dedicated to the top students and also the gifts were dedicated to all students. This celebration ended with Iftar and catering the guests.

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