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Human resource management

 | Post date: 2017/11/26 | 

Human Resources Management Department

The role of human resources management as an academic major in process of human resources and value creation is undeniable. The human resources management department with Behavioral Management and Human Resource Management programs in Master and Ph.D. degrees has a great responsibility in developing right and empowered manpower in accordance to labor markets' needs and countries' conditions.

The department tries to provide a suitable context for exploiting other resources and assets of country by using experienced and clear-headed academics and updated knowledge of human resource management and practical teaching methods. So, along with growth of knowledge-based economy, it is predicted that this academic department has a prosperous future. 



  Master degrees:

·        MBA  in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior

·        Islamic Human Resources Management

  Ph.D. Degrees:

·        Behavioral Management  

·        Human Resources Management



  •    Akbar Hasanpoor (Department Chair)
  •    Saeid Jafarinia
  •     Ahmad  Esakhani
  •     Yousef  Vakili
  •     Maryam Tehrani

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