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Master Business Administration Department

 | Post date: 2017/02/26 | 

 Business Administration Department

Master of Business Administration(MBA)  with a hundred years  experience  in advanced and industrial countries  is  one of  the  educational  programs  in our master programs. The inter-field MBA in various subjects and Entrepreneurship Management in Electronic(E - business) and new business subjects are developed in response to the demands of various parts of industry , trade , and service in private and public sectors. MBA programs are required to use new educational methods in training managers in strategic , middle and operating levels. What makes different MBA from other field is the survey and analysis of case studies in the classes and department's faculty members use them according to Iran's business needs. Graduates are provided a suitable opportunity to improve their experiences in different sectors.


 Master degrees:

·         MBA  _ Strategy

·         MBA _ Entrepreneurship

·         MBA _ Finance

·         Entrepreneurship - E-business

·         Entrepreneurship - New-Business

·         Entrepreneurship - MBA

·         Entrepreneurship - Higher Education

·         Entrepreneurship - Promote Entrepreneurship




·         Hassan Rangriz (Department Chair)

·         Hamza  Khastar

·         Soltanali Shahriari

·         Ahmad Nabizadeh





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