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   The Kharazmi University Computer Center is a center under research vice-chancellor, which is established since 2006. At that time, the center responsibility was to provide mainframe and computer services. However, in the past two decades, this aim is expanded due to rapid IT development. The aim of this center is to fulfil the Kharazmi University's IT infrastructures, technology development and digitalization.

  In 2015, the center name is changed to "Information & Communication Technology Center" (ICT Center) to emphasis the IT governance of the university and providing huge IT facility in and out of the campus. This vision applies more responsibilities due to having two large campuses in Tehran & Karaj city to conduct uniform facilities over a large network.

  The ICT Center is currently worked on Network scalability and Infrastructure, Intranet, Internet facility and Bandwidth distribution, Design and development of University Portal and  sub-
          portals, different faculties' Computer Sites, Computer Labs, Computer Hardware and Software and also:

         ►Planning and developing the university IT requirements
         ►Providing a secure and reliable University's Data Centers, servers and infrastructure
         ►Providing various integrated software, automations and infrastructures
         ►Large Wireless network facilities
         ►University's Portal and sub-portals development
         ►Observing and facilitating Computer Labs & Sites

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