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Karaj Campus

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Karaj Campus and International Campus

To accommodate for the increasing quantity and quality of the courses offered by and the activities conducted at the university, the construction of a second campus (apart from Tehran campus) commenced in 1977 in Karaj (a city west of Tehran). The secondary campus is located in Hesarak district of Karaj. Apart from a central administrative building, Karaj campus is large enough to host the buildings of the Faculties of Sciences, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Psychology and Education, Literature and Humanities as well as student dormitories, staff houses, recreational facilities, central library, bank, restaurant and other facilities / buildings. 

In 2012, the university's board of trustees approved establishing another independent campus in Tehran (i.e. the International Campus) with the purpose of further expanding the university's research and educational activities through a boost in the number of graduate level as well as international students.

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