Brief CV
Mehdi Arabzadeh
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.  Of  Educational Psychology. Educational Psychology Department, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Kharazmi University of Tehran, Iran.
  • Personal information
Name Mehdi Arabzadeh
Date of Birth
23th August 1979
Place of Birth
Bushehr, Iran
Marital Status
Married, 1 Children
PhD of  Educational Psychology
Work place Address Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran.
Telephone +98-9120475660
Present Position Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology
  • Educational Records
Section Collage Major Average of Score Country Graduated Year
B.Sc University of
Educational Sciences
18.44 Iran 2002
Kharazmi University of Tehran Psychology 17.82 Iran 2008
Thesis: investigate the relationship between self-regulated learning and goal-orientation with management style in serviced teachers.
Ph.D Kharazmi
University of Tehran
Educational Psychology 18.80 Iran 2013
 Thesis: The effect of teaching self-regulated learning strategies on students’ social problem solving ability, self-efficacy beliefs, goal orientation and academic delay of gratification
  • Courses Taught
1 Educational Psychology
2 Psychology of Learning
3 Developmental Psychology
4 Research Methodology
5 Inferential statistics
  • Research fields:
1 Self, Self-regulation and self-efficacy
2 Cognitive and motivational
3 Health and Ageing
  • Language skills:
  • Reading
  • Speaking
Native Good Fair Poor Native Good Fair Poor Native Good Fair Poor
Persian X X X
English X X X
Arabic X X X
Software Version of Software Degree of Skills
ICDL 2016 good
SPSS 23 good
8/5 good
FACTOR 7 good
PS(Power and Sample Size) Calculation) 3 good
  • Computer and Software Skills
  • Honors and Awards
1 Top B.Sc. student of   Educational Sciences, University of Bushehr, 2002.
2 Top M.Sc. student of Psychology, Kharazmi University of Tehran, 2008.
3 Top Ph.D. student of Educational Psychology, Kharazmi University of Tehran, 2013.
4 Member of  Iranian  psychology and counseling  Society
5 Scientific Secretary of the National Conference of social damage
6 Reviewer Journal of Psychology
7 Member of Iranian  Psychotherapy society  
8 Having more than 40 Letter of Appreciation during my academic years.
(Books in Persian)
1 Feeling Good: 100 ways to feel better every day/Translation
2 Social Problem-Solving
3 Self-regulated learning
(Published Full Journal Papers)
Journal Title
advances in Cognitive Science, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2009 , Iran The Effect of Memory Self-efficacy on Episodic
and Semantic Memory
rph. 2009; 3 (1) :29-40, Iran perceived self- efficacy, cognitive coping strategies and academic stress
Journal of  measuring education, Iran Meta-analysis studies related to students mathematics performance.
“Review and synthesis of journals results
Contemporary Psychology
2011, 6(1), 49-58
Relationship between self-regulated learning and goal orientation with
classroom management style
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 6, No. 1(21), Spring 2012,103-119, Iran The relationship between academic self-concept, positive and negative academic emotions
With self-regulated learning
Journal of  measuring education, Iran  
Examine the factor structure, reliability and validity of mathematical
epistemological belief scale
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 30 (2011) 453 – 456 goal orientation and learning strategies with academic stress.
Interdisciplinary Journal Of Contemporary Research,Vol.4,No.2. The effects of teaching self-reguleated learning strategy on students academic of gratification
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self-regulation and self-efficacy with academic stress in student
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The Relationship of Internet Addiction with Loneliness and Identity Styles
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The effects of teaching self-efficacy on students’ cognitive engagement
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Schools Students: Case study of Dashtestan city
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achievement goals and reflective thinking with students'
mathematics performance
Social Cognition
Special Edition, Winter 2015, Iran
The effects of teaching self-regulated learning strategy on students’ social problem solving
Journal of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences,Iran Survey the Validity and Reliability of the Persian Version of Short Form of
Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory
MEJDS,Vol 5,No 11,2015,137-145,Iran
Effectiveness of Counseling Based on the Improvement of the Life Quality on the promotion of Psychological Well-Being in Mothers of Children with Epilepsy
Journal of cultural - education of women and the family, Iran
Investigating the Causative Model of Desire to Marriage in College Students based on variables of main family health, emotional scheme and emotion regulation along with mediator role of self-differentiation
Journal of Education and Learning,Iran Moderating role of positive and negative emotions in the relationship between achievement goals and self-regulation of learning strategies: presentation Structural model
(Congresses and Conference)
  Congresses and Conference Title
World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS)
The effects of learning behaviors in classroom goal orientation and control ideology: using structural equation modeling.
World Conferrence on Psychology,Counseling and Guidance,Antalya-Turkey goal orientation and learning strategies with academic stress.
The 5th Of University Student's Mental Health Mental health, goal orientation with test anxiety
Third  National Conference on Education
Examine the effects of Creative self-efficacy training on creativity increase in students
(An empirical study)
National Conference on the findings of cognitive science in education The share of modern society in cognitive development:Compare the four cultures
The 6th Of University Student's Mental Health
Procrastination, test anxiety and mental health of students
The 6th Of University Student's Mental Health
Mental vitality and its predictors among students
The 1nd National conference of Educational Psychology
Internet addiction with loneliness and identity style in university students
The 1nd National conference of Educational Psychology Moderating role ofdeep learning approaches and strategy in the relationship between academic self-concept and Outcome expectations in students’ academic achievement
The 1nd National conference of Educational Psychology The effect of self-efficacy strategies on metacognitive skills
The 1nd National conference of Educational Psychology Self-regulated learning, goal orientation and identity styles in  Teachers
The 1nd National conference of Educational Psychology The relationship between cognitive style and student behavior
The 4nd Congress
Iranian Psychological Association
life skills in Martyr and normal children
The 2th international   conference psychology and social Sciences
Examine the effects of life skills training on  Psychological well-being, life satisfaction and mental vitality  in Martyr children
The 2th national conference on psychology and educational science Perceptions of classroom environment,  academic positive and negative emotions with self-regulated learning
First National Congress of consultation, and empowerment of vulnerable groups  
Islamic lifestyle and its predictors among students
The 4th international   conference on psychology and  sociology
The Teaching of the self-regulated learning strategies on  self efficacy and goal orientation in students
The first national conference new studies in the field of education and psychology Student academic optimism with math performance
the first international conference on new research in the field of Psychology and Social Studies academic emotions and the school of Well-being  in math performance students
  • Supervisor/ Advisor
Supervisor/ Advisor
Advisor Student academic optimism, academic emotions and school well-being in Mathematical performance
high school students

Advisor Prediction of the Factors of Successful Intelligence, Wisdom and Creativity in Education Achievement of Gifted and Normal Students
Advisor Effects of Teaching Anxiety Reduction Ways on Extraneous Cognitive Load of Students With Test Anxiety
Advisor Parenting styles, goal orientation and Academic Self- Efficacy with Academic procrastination 4
  • Research Projects
Organization Title
Hormozgan Education Investigate the use of computers and interactive relationship with student achievement
Martyr Foundation and Isargaran Affairs  
Compare and Study of Life Skills Training on compatibility, perceived competence and psychological health of Isargaran children of secondary school in Tehran