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International Summer School of Junior Academy of Sciences (Ukraine)
International Summer School on Remote Sensing
Online Summer School of Montan university (Austria)
Online Summer School of Montan university  (Austria)
Online Summer School of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia)
International Polytechnic Summer School 2021
Kharazmi University at a Glance
Our Mission
The first modern institute of higher education in Iran, Kharazmi University (KhU) was established in Tehran in 1919. Now more than a century after its establishment, the University boasts a long list of notable alumni and outstanding figures, as well as an excellent academic reputation with dedicated faculty members, committed staff, and motivated students and researchers. It aims at realizing the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran in empowering individuals and the larger society through educating students and researchers at all levels of education across various disciplines. Kharazmi University is currently among the top 20 universities in Iran and has sought to establish international ties with more than 20 countries throughout the world with the aim of encouraging and facilitating international cooperation and scientific research.
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